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One key message.
Millions fans reached.

When the brand new NEO Coffee asked us to help introduce it to the mass, we knew we needed an idea unexpected enough to make the young, media-savvy target market notice. The massive, highly-engaging, multipart campaign touched every corner of culture and got people searching for more by the millions. Using a couple of big names like Ria Ricis, Bang Ijal, Rio Ardhillah and many more, we started the campaign by showing people funny ways of doing mundane things on their social channels.

50 million views and counting...

In just 3 weeks. 🔥

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3 Trending Topics.

3 Days.

We really made noise with the launch. With 3 trending topics on Twitter like “Cobain Kuy”, “Lucas”, and “#BOSENYANGBIASA”, people were talking about all things NEO.

Responsive Web

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We partnered with Wings Group to introduce NEO Coffee to the mass. To create the website as seamless as possible, we made it fullscreen media with responsive movements. Same experience no matter where you check it.


No shortcuts were taken. To build a site that is simple, enjoyable, fast, we envisioned a new strategy for cross-platform mobile app development. We developed iOS and Android simultaneously. In order to speed up and reduce maintenance, we created a shared layer of business logic for all platforms. So when we have to make a change, it updates across every platform.


Our partnership with Wings Group to introduce NEO Coffee to the mass, the website we created was off to an incredible start. It has exceeded performance goals in the following areas:


Pageviews in the first two weeks


Unique pageviews in 2 weeks


Sessions in one month

Social Media

Work Scope

Integrated social media management
Platforms: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter


Build solid community
Create noise and engagement through social initiatives
Maintain brand feel and equity


Gained 4,100 organic followers in a few days
A total of 9,707,003 impressions in 1 week
A total of 6,078,021 reach in 1 week