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Sometimes rearticulating a brand can redefine its entire category.

The culture of skincare had fundamentally changed. At a time when mass beauty needed to modernize its messaging, we helped Poise make a statement about what skincare really is. There’s been a huge shift in the idea of a “perfect” skin. From flawless, airbrushed-looking skin, to skin that looks healthy, glowing, and well… luminous. This insight introduced us to a whole new approach to everything. We want Poise to help young women celebrate skincare as a powerful tool of self-creation.



We created a challenge where we made the women our subjects, not just objects.

We introduced 1000 real, unphotoshopped faces of women (and men!) showing their luminous skin with authentic imperfections — celebrated them — and honored the unique role of skincare in their lives.




Responsive Web

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Poise wanted to make a responsive web where fans can check and upload their photos to enter the contest. We partnered with POISE to create an immersive and responsive website so fans can directly see their face on homepage. In the first 3 months, the website has been visited more than 500,000 times.



After successfully A/B testing the new design against the old, Poise’s reinvented site was released. It has exceeded performance goals in the following areas:


People joined in 2 months


Unique pageviews in 2 months


Pageviews in 2 months




Social Media

Work Scope

Integrated social media management
Social listening, social audits
Photo & video production
Influencer marketing



Introduce brand through social activities
Maintain visual identity
Promote 1000 Luminous Faces Challenge
Competing against older, more established beauty brands



Account is verified in less than a year
10,476 average engagement per month
More than 500,000 total reach




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